Have you ever been involved in a toxic relationship?  These are the types that cause you to feel frustrated, uncomfortable, or even fearful.  They can be with a family member, significant-other, friend, co-worker, supervisor, neighbor, etc.  Sometimes the toxic behavior is aimed directly at you, or you may just feel the indirect effects of a certain personality trait, lifestyle, action, habit or unkind behavior.  

But how, you may ask, do you know if this person's behavior is really "toxic"?  Are you being too critical or sensitive?..... The answer to that concern is this:  Ask yourself if their behavior is  "Loving, Kind and Necessary?" (Quote by Harold Klemp).  If it's not, then that is a good indicator that their behavior is toxic, and that which you can do with out.  

It is important to set personal boundaries with toxic people and everyone else.  Personal boundaries define for you and others what you will allow and accept from yourself and them. 


Many times setting a personal boundary with the toxic person is enough, and allows you to remain in the relationship.  But sometimes it is necessary to set the boundary and dissolve or leave the relationship -feel good about your decision.  You can't fix people, but most of the time, you can control who/what you allow in your social circle.  

~Please keep in mind that while setting these boundaries, it's best to try and acknowledge that each person, including you, has a unique, spiritual contract to fulfill that is full of tests and struggles.  Remembering this will cultivate forgiveness and acceptance toward fellow beings.

*Set high standards of living for yourself
*Keep good company
*Set boundaries when necessary
*Guide your actions and expectations by this simple rule: "Is it Loving, Kind, and Necessary"
*Practice forgiveness

The Best
By Lao Tzu

The best, like water,
Benefit all and do not compete.
They dwell in lowly spots that everyone else scorns.
Putting others before themselves,
They find themselves in the foremost place
And come very near to the Tao.
In their dwelling, they love the earth;
In their heart, they love what is deep;
In personal relationships, they love kindness;
In their words, they love truth.
In the world, they love peace.
In personal affairs, they love what is right.
In action, they love choosing the right time.
It is because they do not compete with others
That they are beyond the reproach of the world.

Tao Te Ching, chapter 8. Translation by Stephen Ruppenthal.




Sonya Bruyette

A Lightworker for Planetary Ascension

© Copyright  2014 


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